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Apolline is the leading provider of in-practice regulatory compliance and practice support services.  Using a unique blend of customised hands-on support combined with innovative IT solutions, Apolline aims to ensure regulatory compliance creates business benefits rather than being a distraction to business performance.

Apolline offers a range of support services to meet the varying needs of the profession, however, if you feel your practice needs more customised support, we can of course assist you with this as well.

Membership of Apolline is free to all and we will happily provide you with advice completely free of charge when you need it.  We also offer a range of compliance support solutions for dental practices, dental corporates and also start-up practices.

Apolline’s Compliance Support Solutions

The advent of the CQC and the need to be able to demonstrate compliance with their requirements has introduced many new challenges. The benefits of having a compliant practice or organisation are undisputable; not only will you automatically become more patient-focussed, your practice will also run more efficiently and you will be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Our members and clients tell us that the single biggest issue for them is wondering if they have interpreted the CQC’s requirements accurately. It is this uncertainty together with the extra workload that creates inevitable stresses and concerns. And then there is the worry about what happens if they’ve ‘got it wrong’.

The clinical team at Apolline has extensive in-depth experience of the regulatory environment and our experienced Practice Advisors will support you every step of the way on your journey to becoming fully compliant.

Our suite of compliance tools has been designed by us specifically to support you and your team, this means you will have peace of mind that our advice is always accurate and comprehensive.

Our tools are also designed to ensure consistency and clarity and to facilitate a culture of continuous improvement.

Compliance Audit - £795 + VAT

Many practices choose to start their Apolline journey with a compliance audit.  This allows them to gauge how compliant they are and how much support they may require in the future.  The audit is included as part of the membership package 2, 3 and 4.

The Apolline Compliance Audit is a full day visit to the practice to assess your compliance with the CQC’s fundamental standards. The Audit is mapped to the CQC’s regulatory requirements in England or to the Regulatory and Quality Improvement Authority’s (RQIA) standards in Northern Ireland. It also encompasses GDC requirements and includes a comprehensive patient record audit. Practices receive an action plan with items rated as red, amber or green to indicate their relative importance. The audit is undertaken by an experienced Practice Advisor and following the audit, you will be provided with a full audit report including justifications for any non-compliance found and a prioritised and dated action report.  Following an audit, practices will know what areas they are compliant in and what areas they need to

Level 1 - £90 + VAT

Level 1 is an IT based support service which includes access to the Apolline Compliance and Task Management System and the Patient and Staff Satisfaction Surveys.

The Compliance Task Management System is an innovative application that help to maintain compliance. It has an intuitive user-friendly interface and practices have the ability to create their own tasks and customise the application to the particular needs of the practice. It also allows for delegation of tasks to multiple users, meaning that the whole team becomes involved in achieving and maintaining compliance. Due tasks can be accessed via a dashboard and are also emailed to ensure tasks are not forgotten or overlooked.  Practices can also upload and store evidence of their compliance, meaning that evidence of compliance is readily available at all times, including for an inspection.

Apolline’s innovative patient and staff satisfaction surveys are mapped to the CQC’s regulations and provide real-time feedback results with benchmarking. The questionnaires application is designed for use on a tablet device but can also be completed on a desk top, laptop and mobile phone or at home via an email link.Results from the surveys feed into the Apolline Compliance and Task Management system with an electronic dashboard and PDF reporting.

 Level 1 also provides :

  • Access to free compliance advice
  • Access to free downloads covering current legislation and guidance
  • Regular newsletter including regulatory and legislative changes, industry updates and Apolline member offers

Level 2 - £190 + VAT

All Level 1 benefits plus:

  • A dedicated Practice Advisor who will undertake an annual compliance audit of the practice mapped against the CQC outcomes. The audit will gauge where you are with compliance, what (if anything) needs to be done so that you become and remain compliant in all areas.
  • Post audit action plan with prioritised action plan tasks which upload automatically into the Apolline Task App.
  • 5% discount on all Apolline Training modules

Level 3 - £250 + VAT

 All Level 2 benefits plus:-

  • 2 additional days in-practice support a year (3 days in total per annum and one day to include the annual audit or re-audit) to be used as you wish (implementation, training etc)
  • Apolline Task management system set up and customised to your practice
  • Set of Apolline Policies and Procedures tailored to your practice
  • Free tablet for using with the Apolline Task management and questionnaires
  • Additional support by telephone or email with your Practice Advisor
  • 10% discount on additional Apolline Training modules

Level 4 - £425 + VAT

All Level 3 benefits plus:-

  • 3 additional days in-practice consultancy per annum that supports delivery of safe care in a well-run practice (6 days in total per annum and one day to include audit or re-audit)
  • 15% discount on additional Apolline Training modules

In the event that you choose to sign up to Level 3 or 4, you will have a dedicated Practice Advisor to look after you. This ensures clarity, consistency, attention to detail, and accountability.

We will always work for you, our member meaning you will always receive unbiased advice specifically tailored to your unique situation and we always strive to give you the widest range of support options to suit your individual practice needs.

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Tailored Solutions for Corporate Providers

Corporate clients of Apolline will receive the same in-depth, tailored solutions that we offer to our individual and small group members whilst at the same time having the opportunity to access a range of innovative and creative options to support the operational functions needed in the Corporate sector.

For more information about our extensive Corporate Solutions please contact us.

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