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Automated  Audits

Our automated Audit simplify your auditing processes and help you identify areas that may require some improvement at the same time as recognising and reinforcing good practice.

Just £25 per year per audit

Infection Control Audit

All practices should undertake an infection control audit every six months. Our automated audit provides you with a score for each section, a detailed report and an action plan for any areas of non-compliance.


Helps keep your patients and your team safe and gives you peace of mind that you are complying with current guidance on infection prevention and control.

Patient Record Audit

Keeping excellent patient records is an essential cornerstone for providing great patient care. But how do you know if your patient records comply with good practice guidelines?


All clinicians should audit their patient records regularly to ensure they are accurate and comprehensive. Our automated patient record audit provides a simple way to identify good practice and also any areas that may require improvement.

Automated Access Audit

With the Apolline Automated Access Audit, you can perform essential Access Audits efficiently on both desktop and mobile devices, offering you the flexibility and convenience you need.

Automated Radiography Quality Audit

Every radiograph or dental CBCT image taken must be graded for quality purposes. You can complete this audit for 25 radiographs for each clinician. The Analysis should be undertaken at least once every six months and the sample size should not be less than 100 images per practice, unless the radiographic workload is too low to support this number.

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