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Apolline Corporate

Flexible, end-to-end compliance management for larger & multiple location practices. Compliance management software, company dashboard, audits and clinical due diligence services.

Dental compliance management across an estate of practices adds another layer of complexity to an already difficult challenge.

You want to comply with regulatory standards across the whole of your business; protect your significant financial investment and valuable reputation; and at the same time ensure delivery of high levels of clinical care and patient satisfaction to all. But we’re not telling you anything you don’t already know! You have multiple, individual practices operating under a group umbrella, each one with accountability for its own regulatory compliance.

A central support function has responsibility for overseeing the compliance status of your entire group, as part of running and managing a successful business. So, how do you reconcile these equally important, but distinct requirements?


Welcome to Apolline Corporate

Compliance synthesis

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Apolline Corporate provides an end-to-end compliance monitoring framework for dental corporates.

We have taken our innovative software application, Dentistry Compliance and combined it with a unique Corporate Dashboard that has been designed specifically for larger and multiple-practice clients.

We aim to simplify the way that your practices and compliance management team manage dental compliance across all parts of your organisation. With accountability for day-to-day regulatory compliance being enabled at an individual practice level; and responsibility for overall compliance management being monitored at a headquarters level by Apolline’s corporate dashboard.

At any point in time you will be able to know the compliance status of your practices at all levels and to quickly identify any areas for improvement or potential red flags.

You are in control and so is your compliance.

Clinical due diligence

If you are planning to buy an existing dental practice, a clinical due diligence audit assesses the dental practice’s existing compliance status prior to acquisition and the extent to which it meets current regulatory standards.


You do not want any surprises later on which may impact the success of your investment. Know what you are buying before you sign on the dotted line.


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