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What our clients say about us

Clients who use a combination of our innovative software tool and customised in-practice services achieve a 100% success rate in passing their CQC inspections. We offer a pragmatic, practical approach to ensuring that meeting current regulatory standards is as painless as possible, bringing you peace of mind and the confidence that comes with knowing you run a compliant practice.

We have worked with Apolline since our practice opened in 2012, they have guided us from the beginning making compliance easy to keep on top of and myself and the team more knowledgeable. 

Lanah (one of their experts) recently helped me prepare for our recent CQC TMA call. She coached me through likely topics and ensured we had all the documentation in place. It was great to be able to speak through the process and know she was at the end of a telephone whenever I needed. 

Being an Apolline practice gives me confidence to know we are following policies and procedures to keep our staff and patients safe and delivery the highest standard of care. 

- Carla Edwards, Practice Manager at Hello Dental

I have used the services of Apolline throughout my 6 years of practice ownership and would highly recommend their Basil compliance and full support service as an essential part of effective practice management. Their accessibility by phone and email, knowledge of the industry and the ability to help advise on applications within individual practices, have been priceless. We also had Apolline present for our CQC visit which was a great support for myself and the members of the team who had not been through the process previously. A special mention goes to Lanah Isa-Hector who went above and beyond to assist myself and the team before and during the CQC visit to ensure it was a positive experience and an opportunity for growth, reflection and development for us all. The meeting we had online with the the CQC during the pandemic was also successful, and again the practice was commended for its adaptability and understanding of the scope of impact of COVID-19. Once again Apolline helped us prepare for this. Their support ensured that we were able to engage with the process constructively and calmly. Thank you Apolline for all your support. 

Clare, Vida Dentistry

"Today our practice had a CQC audit review with Apolline. What a fabulous day with one-to-one advice on compliance from a knowledgeable and experienced advisor. If you are looking for an audit, look no further than Apolline 😊."

Karen-Ann on Apolline’s Facebook page

"Just a short note containing many heartfelt thanks for all you help, guidance, suggestions and sage advice regarding the CQC registration. Before we met I was sinking in a sea of regulations and paperwork and seriously considered quitting Dentistry. The whole team were really worried that we would not be able to comply in time(and in some cases not at all). Your calm, cool and often humorous attitude helped the whole team understand and wade through all the outcomes successfully. Parts of it even became fun.Together we went from mainly non-compliant to compliant in less than 10 weeks.

Some of the regulations have improved our practice and some are ‘ott’.

There is no doubt in my mind that we could not have done it without Apolline and your help.
As you know, we had a very successful CQC phone interview, which I had been dreading(and losing sleep over!)until you went through everything, advised and coached us.It gave me lots of confidence for the CQC interview.

Although initially I felt Apolline’s fees were high–It was WORTH EVERY PENNY. I would definitely recommend you to ANY practice which wishes to navigate the CQC minefield successfully.

Once again thanks a lot.

PS, London

"With six dentist’s, four hygienists and nine wonderful nurses the prospect of paper records for compliance becomes rather a nightmare, it quickly becomes piles of paper and where do you store it, let alone audit it!

Back in 2012 we started working with Apolline to record all our day to day compliance tasks from setting up the decontamination rooms to checking the toilets are clean, it made day to day life so much easier for everyone, not only could the nurses record the tasks they had completed during the day but I as manager could see what still needed to be done and run reports on the tasks completed.

We quickly started to use Apolline for all our auditing and training needs making use of the policy templates and regulation updates as they came into place, so when Lanah (our wonderful advisor) mentioned a new Compliance Management Software ApollineBASIL - we jumped at the chance.

The process was so easy, Eileen talked me through how to set up ApollineBASIL and on the 11th April 2019 we were up and running. I can create and assign tasks to individuals that only they can see, they even get an emails to remind them of tasks to be completed. Having the document vault is invaluable when checking for policy updates. The message section on the home page is an excellent way to communicate changes from Apolline to the team

It’s safe to say that we love ApollineBASIL and highly recommend it for all your compliance needs."

Clare Lee, Practice Manager at Amsel & Wilkins

"Apolline has been so helpful in getting us up to scratch in all things compliance at both of our Specialist Orthodontic Practices. I don't think there is any way we could stay on top of all of the changes in compliance and legislation if it wasn't for Apolline’s help and advice."

Pam Clover, Business Manager, Salisbury Orthodontics Ltd

"The content on this course was really informative and more detailed than others I have seen.
Really well laid out and easy to follow. Key points put across very well.

I really enjoyed this course and it helped me reflect on my role at work! Thank you"

Delegate of Level 2 Safeguarding Online Training

"I am loving ApollineBASIL. I can’t believe the difference it has made to the way I work and the time it is saving me."

Louise, Practice Manager, Leatherhead

"Very rarely do I come across a company whose customer service and dedication to its clients is superlative. Apolline is the only dental practice compliance support company I would recommend to my clients and friends in the profession."

Emily Cameron, Dental Business Growth Consultant

"Dentex has engaged Apolline to carry out due diligence audits for over 4 years. Not only is Apolline’s customer service exemplary, the efficiency of the audit process and the quality of the results is second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend Apolline to any businesses that require a due diligence audit."

Kathryn Robertson, Head of Transactions, Dentex

"We are indebted to Apolline who directed us from the dark to a comprehensive CQC compliance. I would passionately urge all colleagues to benefit from Apolline's broad experience and perfect attention to detail."

Kanaan Elias, Practice Principle, K Elias Dental Surgery

"I am very delighted with help and services provided by Apolline. Registering as a new provider, I faced a lot of difficulties when I was working with another consultancy. After I started to work with Apolline the situation swiftly changed for the better."

Julia, Smile Studio Walk-in Centre Nottingham

I wanted to contact you following our practice compliance visit last Wednesday.


I am a natural worrier, and I love our practice so much ( 20 years working here ), so I was naturally very nervous about the visit as I didn’t want to let Mr Sutton, my team or myself down! Our last CQC inspection was a while ago, and when the inspections were a lot more laid back so in my mind I built it up to be the same as a new style CQC inspection.


As a PM it can sometimes be a lonely affair and trying to keep on top of all the new legislation can at times feel monumentous. I try my absolute best!

But I was still a little concerned in case I was doing badly!


So Wednesday morning arrived, I think the whole team were apprehensive. Then arrived Lanah. Immediately on meeting Lanah I felt less nervous and realised I was actually going to enjoy the day. I had tried to be as organised as possible prior to the visit, with everything filed in systems that I trust make sense, and make my team members life so much easier as everything is clearly set out, so I could place my hands on what Lanah asked for quickly rather than running round. The girls relaxed and were happy to take part and I knew they all felt comfortable.


Lanah’s knowledge was incredible, anything I asked she knew straight away, and also could tell me not only what I needed but why I needed it. She was so so helpful. If I didn’t have something, or I needed to perhaps present things in  a slightly different way she explained this to me so I didn’t feel criticised, just that there was a more compliant way to do things!

I enjoyed the visit and in fact by 4pm team morale was really high, the girls were asking me what they could do to help if we needed to implement anything and we were all sad to see Lanah go! It was as if she was part of our team too!


I thought it was really important to share our experience, and I cannot thank Lanah enough, she was so professional yet nice at the same time, and I could tell if I was dreadful I would have known about it! We really enjoyed the day, and was a great insight for me personally to ensure that I was doing a good job! She is amazing!


So thank you!!!!!!


I am looking forward top working with Apolline in the future ( subject to everything going ok ), but if for any reason it doesn’t I will be in touch to hopefully join up to your compliance Package!

Kind regards

Paula Parkes, Practice Manager, The Dental Health Centre

I wanted to thank you for the incredible support you offered through the process for my CQC application. Your professionalism and patience were second to none. In a process that I can only describe as “free fall” you managed to keep me sane and on track during all the stages of this process. You know your stuff, there is no doubt about it and you know how to pull it off under pressure. I did set some difficult timelines which you managed with an incredible professionalism.


I am sure that often with a new client and application you come across a colleague that is lost in the process. Your guidance, support and empathic approach reassures and empowers your clients to get through the process with enthusiasm.

Valentina Daskalovic

"We are delighted with Apolline's services so far, the team is very helpful. Our Practice Advisor Bilkis does a fantastic job, we felt reassured with her guidance and encouraged to improve ourselves and our practice. Thank you."

25 Devonshire Place

"Apolline Basil has been a great help in organising our practice compliance. I felt disorganised and overwhelmed before the software and having the face to face compliance audit. Lanah was so kind, helpful and efficient. After the report, we were able to get our compliance up to date and are now confident in maintaining it. 


We have used Apolline for  3 years and it has made many aspects of compliance much easier. The Apolline team are all lovely and available by email or telephone; my queries have always been answered promptly. 


I highly recommend this personal and efficient service. "

Dr Reshma Shah

"We had Apolline booked for a practice training day, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it was cancelled at very short notice. Disaster however was very quickly averted when Pat Langley herself, dropped everything to come to the practice to provide the training! What we learned far surpassed our expectations, we had a fun and informative day on these important topics.

The whole team were involved in all aspects of the day! Pat was incredibly knowledgeable, engaging and her delivery was full of humour! Thank you so much Pat!"

Ulrika Skalberg, Teeth on the Heath

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