Practice teams love the support & advice that Apolline offers

Clients who use a combination of our innovative software tool and customised in-practice services achieve a 100% success rate in passing their CQC inspections. We offer a pragmatic, practical approach to ensuring that meeting current regulatory standards is as painless as possible, bringing you peace of mind and the confidence that comes with knowing you run a compliant practice  

As you can see, our approach speaks for itself……

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  • Dave Mantle

    Hey Sally, we had out CQC inspection today and passed with flying colours. Just wanted to say thanks so much for all the input you gave us, it really made the difference. Cheers Dave

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  • Steph - Amsel & Wilkins

    The app from Apolline is such a good idea; its simple to use, easy to understand and makes sure no dates or tasks are missed. It has been a huge asset to helping our practice become compliant and has replaced reams of paper records! Wonderful!

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  • K Elias Dental Surgery

    We thank you Pat, Anne-Marie and the rest of the team at Apolline for your care, proficiency and attention. We are indebted to Apolline who directed us from the dark to a comprehensive CQC compliance. I would passionately urge all colleague to benefit from Apolline's broad experience and...

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  • PW, Birmingham

    I have been amazed how much Apoline has helped my practice move forward. Thanks to the attentive support of yourself and your team. I particularly found Mike Hill’s help with two days of auditing and re-auditing extremely motivating for myself and my team. I realise it much more than...

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  • Highworth Dental Care Ltd

    "What a wonderful addition to the Apolline package the App is!! Easy to use, very comprehensive and ensures no important dates are missed…a huge helping hand in ensuring we remain compliant." Siobhan Owen, Practice principal, Highworth Dental Care Ltd

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  • Loughridge Dentalcare Belfast

    Sally Toon has been a huge help to our team in helping us to get compliant for our inspections, we are so grateful to her for always making herself available to us, she is always very pleasant and makes us feel more confident about what we do. Thank...

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  • D. Igoe

    Debbie, The inspector has been and gone and during her exit interview she was very positive and told me we were compliant with no follow-up. Now I would not have expected that two weeks ago. Thank you very much for all your help, I don't know...

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  • Monkstown Dental

    No RQIA recommendations or requirements for Monkstown Dental thanks to Sally Toon for her guidance and attention to detail !!

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  • Mercer Dental Care

    I would like to say a big thank you to Sally Toon for all her help over the last year. Having acquired the position of registered manager, it was my responsibility to prepare for our first RQIA inspection as Mercer Dental Care. Throughout registration, training and inspection, Sally...

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  • PS, London

    Dear Apolline, Just a short note containing many heartfelt thanks for all you help, guidance, suggestions and sage advice regarding the CQC registration. Before we met I was sinking in a sea of regulations and paperwork and seriously considered quitting Dentistry. The whole team were really worried that we...

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