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R - Harrow

Dear Sandra

I am more than happy to recommend Anne-Marie as a dental practice advisor. It is difficult for me to find suitable words to do her justice, as she is one of the most dynamic people I have ever encountered.

When she first came to the practice, the place was in a bit of a state as I had become somewhat fossilised along with the rest of the building.

She very quickly identified all the problems and was within minutes able to devise the solutions, and she has all the contacts, to solve the problems within a matter of days.
Under her guidance, the practice is being renovated and she knows all the numerous rules and regulations so that the building is now compliant.

In addition she has the knowledge and amazing lecturing skills to train the staff and they are now being educated, so that they are working in a compliant fashion. She knows exactly what is required by the CQC and even though we are still undergoing the transformation I feel far more confident, and I believe that my team are feeling far better than they were before.

I do owe her an enormous debt of gratitude and she really is a miracle worker.
Many thanks to all of you at Apolline and Especially to Anne-Marie.

Yours sincerely

R - Harrow