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P - London

Dear Pat Langley

I thought I should put into writing how much I appreciate Apolline's help in the most recent CQC inspection.

When we failed our third inspection, I really felt hopeless and the prospect of the practice being closed down was becoming a real possibility.
It was only when you introduced Ann-Marie Miller to us in April that I felt someone had finally arrived here to help.

Within the first 10 minutes of our meeting, Ann-Marie understood what was going on at the practice, with the politics and the capability of the staff members. Without judgement, Ann-Marie immediately empathised with my situation and began to give practical step-by-step advice on how to overcome the problems we faced.

Her advice throughout the last 5 months has proved to be priceless and demonstrates her vast experience and sharp problem-solving skills.I found her to be very effective at completing essential tasks. As soon as I had agreed for an action to take place, she had arranged for it to be done on the spot. One of her strengths is managing tasks; by organising with her contacts the specifications of a job and arranging appointments, so the job is executed without delay. Superb!

Thank you very much for all your company's help. Especially to Ann-Marie who has been a huge catalyst for change at the practice and a real pleasure to work with.

Kind regards

P - London