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PW, Birmingham

I have been amazed how much Apoline has helped my practice move forward. Thanks to the attentive support of yourself and your team. I particularly found Mike Hill’s help with two days of auditing and re-auditing extremely motivating for myself and my team.

I realise it much more than putting a set of protocols and policies in place and keeping them in a file. It is a case of applying the documents as a team with total involvement on an ongoing basis. The protocols and policies need review and updates again and again with full team involvement. Without Appoline’s support within my practice and with my team I would not have improved my practice to the standard I have achieved and still hope to improve on with a rolling programme. I can confidently recommend your companies services and support. One weekend recently Mike helped me when I was concerned about a problem even to the extent of speaking to me on the telephone on a Sunday afternoon. This is truly a case of going the extra proverbial mile and I am truly appreciative. Your help has been particularly valuable to me as a single handed independent practioner