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Compliance Pro

The new standard in dental compliance. Compliance management software, access to all compliance documentation, remote compliance audits, CQC support and more.

Just £125 + VAT per month*

*Minimum 12 month contract


What's included

Access to Dentistry Compliance management software

Easy Task set up

Access to all relevant, up to date compliance documents including practice policies & protocols

Auto-population of policies & automated policy acknowledgment 

Automated Audits including Patient Record, Infection Control & others

A remote compliance audit every year

Tailored support for when you get that call from the CQC announcing an inspection

10 licences for Dentistry CPD

Reduced fee for "in practice" Compliance Audit

Access to the Apolline Questionnaire application

Email and phone support


 Dentistry Compliance Pro

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At the heart of our Dentistry Compliance Pro Service is our our innovative compliance management software that creates confidence and peace of mind in managing your practice compliance. The platform is intuitive and extremely user friendly, taking the fear out of compliance management for good and helping you focus energy on managing & growing your business instead.

Dentistry Compliance is designed to help practices manage activities on a daily basis to ensure compliance with the requirements laid down by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), The General Dental Council (GDC) and other regulators. 

Our cloud- based software creates an efficient and organised approach to managing compliance that saves time and means that you can concentrate of delivering an excellent service to your patients whilst ensuring your practice meets current regulatory standards.

The key features include:

A compliance ‘dashboard’ with live reporting on your current compliance status

A ‘document vault’ that includes all necessary policies, resources and templates required for your practice to reach & maintain compliance

Pre-loaded with all the tasks required for regulatory compliance

The ability to delegate tasks to ‘linked members’ of your team

Reminders to ensure that you never miss a task again!

The ability to upload & store your own practice documents

The ability to create detailed compliance reports

Apolline Remote Compliance Audit


The priority for most practices is to understand where they are starting from. A remotecompliance audit will assess your current level of practice compliance and help you to understand where you are compliant and which areas need to be addressed. The audit is mapped to the CQC’s fundamental standards and their key lines of enquiry (KLOEs) and the General Dental Council’s (GDC) requirements in Standards for the Dental Team. 


All Apolline remote compliance audits are completed online by an experienced Practice Advisor and following the audit, you will receive a detailed action plan that shows at a glance, how compliant your practice is against each fundamental standard.  If you need help implementing your action plan, we can help with that too.


Automated Audits

Audit questions reflect current guidance and regulatory changes 

The flexibility to complete the audit from anywhere on any device

A comprehensive report and action plan provides clear guidance on how to improve 

Report and action plan can be accessed via your Dentistry Compliance dashboard

No more paper!! Audits can be stored electronically 

Audits can be completed by any member of the dental team 


Automated document personalisation for policies and protocols.

The policy personalisation tool enables automated population and editing of practice policies and protocols

The policy personalisation is incorporated into your web based software, ensuring all your policies and protocols are kept in one place and easily accessible

Easy editing of all policies in one place.

Designed to help you manage the tailoring of your practice policies and protocols 

Apolline Questionnaire Tool allows you to digitally collect and analyse the data from your patient satisfaction questionnaire, NHS friends and family (FFT) questionnaire and staff satisfaction survey anonymously.  It provides you with a confidence score for individual results and a benchmark confidence score based on Apolline member’s national confidence score.


Online Training provides online training in all compliance based subjects. Courses are designed to meet your learning needs and will help you incorporate compliance into your day-to-day working activities. 

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