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PS, London

Dear Apolline,

Just a short note containing many heartfelt thanks for all you help, guidance, suggestions and sage advice regarding the CQC registration. Before we met I was sinking in a sea of regulations and paperwork and seriously considered quitting Dentistry. The whole team were really worried that we would not be able to comply in time(and in some cases not at all). Your calm,cool and often humorous attitude helped the whole team understand and wade through all the 16??? Outcomes successfully.Parts of it even became fun.Together we went from mainly non-compliant to compliant in less than 10 weeks.

Some of the regulations have improved our practice and some are ‘ott’.

There is no doubt in my mind that we could not have done it without Apolline and your help.
As you know,we had a very successful CQC phone interview,which I had been dreading(and losing sleep over!)until you went through everything,advised and coached us.It gave me lots of confidence for the CQC interview.
Although initially I felt Apolline’s fees were high–It was WORTH EVERY PENNY. I would definately recommend you to ANY practice which wishes to navigate the CQC minefield successfully.

Once again thanks a lot.