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Cat Collins, Managing Director Elmsleigh House Den


Elmsleigh House has been working with Apolline now for over 8 years, and have found their help, advice, systems and staff incredibly helpful and beneficial to the business throughout this time. When we heard they were launching the ApollineBASIL system we quickly requested to use the system, immediately seeing how useful this would be on an ongoing basis. We started to use the system a year ago, and haven’t looked back. It has a mass of advantages, but in the main, it reminds us of tasks that need completing, all documents are available in one place, we can delegate tasks between the team members here, get all current updates quickly, and of course we get great support from the Apolline team members.
The system set up was made easy and we are already seeing the benefits and the team find it incredibly easy and user friendly. We wouldn’t be without ApollineBASIL and the team at Apolline now!! Thank you!