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Christmas and Compliance

The much-awaited holiday season has arrived! This means celebrations all around and preparing for gathering with family, friends and colleagues. It is difficult to resist those tempting chocolates, fizzy pops and puddings. The magical merry mood may turn into a nightmare with emergency dental appointments and working odd hours. The practice may have limited staff members to meet the increased demand during this busy season

Here is Apolline’s Festive Survival Guide to ensure the practice remains complaint:

  1. Don’t let the routine slip - Continue with the daily checks and infection control protocols even if it is for one patient.

  2. Playing ‘compliance’ catch up - It’s worth monitoring holiday absences to avoid playing catch up on compliance tasks in the new year. Ensure tasks are delegated and openly communicated with the team. A task shared is a task halved.

  3. Out of Hours - Ensure the practice out of hours arrangements are available on practice website, answerphone and when booking appointments.

  4. Turning off equipment - Ensure all equipment including autoclaves, compressors and computers are turned off from the mains to avoid overheating or a risk of fire.

  5. Seasonal Oral Health Tips - Educate patients in healthy snacking and maintaining good oral hygiene no matter how tired they are.

  6. Gift Ideas - Promote good oral hygiene by introducing oral hygiene festive gift boxes featuring floss, toothbrush, 2 minutes brush timer and toothpaste.

Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends and indulge- but remember MODERATION is best!

Apolline can help you keep non-compliance as a ghost of Christmas Past! Contact us on 0800 193 1033 or email on and find out more about services.

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