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COVID-19: Apolline Risk-based Clinical Protocols

Our new COVID-19: Apolline Risk-based Clinical Protocols course is designed to provide dental practices with the necessary knowledge to safeguard the safety and welfare of their team members, patients, and the broader community.

During this dental industry-specific 60-minute verifiable CPD course, you will learn about:

  1. Hygiene and safety procedures.

  2. Guidance for protecting patients.

  3. Reducing the risk of transmitting infection.

  4. Mitigating the risks.

  5. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE).

  6. Infection control procedures.

  7. Environmental decontamination.


Get access to valuable compliance protocol templates

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a downloadable certificate, plus essential compliance protocol templates that you just need to tailor to your practice needs. These templates include:

  • Team Member Risk Assessment High Risk for Covid-19 and Respiratory Infections

  • Pregnancy Risk Assessment (including Covid-19)

  • Covid-19 Vaccination Log

  • Patient Risk Assessment

  • Written Statement Procedures and Risk Assessment for Laundering Uniforms

It is important to note that all official COVID-19 guidance has been withdrawn, and you should make local decisions based on local risk assessments and make sure your team is comfortable with your decisions. This course will help guide you, allowing you to tailor compliance to your own decisions.

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