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Fire Safety Awareness and Fire Warden Training

Fire safety is an important consideration in any workplace, and dental practices are no exception. While the risk of fire in a dental surgery may be low, it is still important to have adequate fire safety measures in place. Fire safety training should be provided for all team members, and a fire warden should be appointed.

The fire warden’s role is to ensure that all team members are aware of the fire safety procedures and coordinate evacuation in the event of a fire. In addition, the fire warden should also be responsible for carrying out regular fire drills. By taking these measures, dental practices can ensure that they are prepared in the event of a fire. The duration of this verifiable CPD course is 2 hours and is suitable for the whole dental team. Visit our website to see how this training course could benefit you.

Important things to know about fire safety compliance

A CQC inspector will ask questions about how you manage fire safety prevention in your practice.

  • S5: How well are potential risks to the service anticipated and planned for in advance?

  • S3: What systems, processes and practices are in place to keep people safe and safeguard them from abuse?

  • W1: Do the governance arrangements ensure that responsibilities are clear, quality and performance are regularly considered, and risks are identified, understood, and managed?

Do you have the following fire safety compliance in place at your practice?

  • Fire Safety and Fire Warden Training

  • Fire notices and fire safety lighting

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Fire Logbook or Electronic Records

  • Fire Extinguisher Service Record – contractor services (annual) and in-house maintenance

  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures

  • Fire Exit Routes

  • Fire Drills or Exercises

  • Smoke Detection System

  • Emergency Lighting System

  • Fire Prevention System

  • Personal Protective Equipment

In addition to these checks, you should consider your building layout and assess any potential risks, such as blocked exits or hazardous materials present, that could enable a rapid-fire spread should one occur.

Furthermore, you should consider what special needs individuals might have when evacuating, so their safety is paramount during a potential fire hazard situation.

Patient and team safety is essential; therefore all employers and service providers must treat fire safety as a priority!

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